The bevel helical gear reducers from the ITB series are specifically for heavy-duty industrial applications. The robust construction using a cast iron case, combined with the high degree of modularity from the different input and output kits, make these reducers perfect for all types of application.

This gear reducer is an integral part of the IRON range that together with the ITH and ITS series, complete the cast iron offer from Transtecno. The ITB bevel helical gear reducer series includes 3 sizes: ITB 423 – ITB 433 – ITB 443. The torques are 950 Nm, 1800 Nm, and 3500 Nm respectively.


  • 高强度的铁壳箱体
  • 高度模块化
  • 人工合成润滑油
  • 弹性联轴器连接电机