Geared Motors consisting of Helical in line gear reducers and DC motors with neodymium rare earth magnets. Here are all the main features. Download the NDCMG series geared motor catalog, or there’s a form at the bottom of the page that you can use to send us a request for information.


  • 12或24伏的低电压电源
  • 适合编码器组装
  • 适用于160W 和250W S2的电机额定功率
  • 稀土永磁
  • 斜齿轮减速机使用压铸铝合金箱体
  • 底座和输出法兰使用铸铁材料
  • 磨削硬齿面斜齿轮
  • 长寿命合成润滑油