IRON, new solutions for new applications

IRON is the natural evolution of Transtecno products as you have known them until now.  The IRON range extends solutions to new applications, where better performance is required.

• Torque: 900 – 3500 Nm
• Heavy-duty, cast iron frame and covers
• Modularity
• Interchangeable with all the main products available on the marketplace
IRON has three types of gearbox: the ITH series helical model, the ITB bevel helical series and the ITS shaft-mounted gearboxes.  All made in Italy.
IRON was designed to offer solutions for use on complex, continuous cycle systems, where the correct operation needs to be guaranteed in any conditions.
The IRON range also features connection between the electric motor and the gearbox with an elastic joint.  This solution, formed using two coupling sleeves in steel with a synthetic elastic element between them, gets around the classic problem of contact oxidation between the motor shafts and the gearbox, limits load peaks, and notably reduces working temperature, all to the benefit of lasting reliability.
As well as the high degree of reliability, there is another added value for our dealers: IRON stands out for its extreme flexibility, meaning client requests can be met with lower turnaround times, which also translates as reduced warehouse stocks.
The ITH helical gearbox series consists of 4 sizes: ITH 112/3 – ITH 122/3 – ITH 132/3 – ITH 142/3.  Transmittable torques are: 700 Nm, 1000 Nm, 1800 Nm and 3500 Nm, respectively.
The ITB bevel helical gearbox series consists of 3 sizes: ITB 423 – ITB 433 – ITB 443. Transmittable torques are: 950 Nm, 1800 Nm, and 3500 Nm respectively.
The ITS shaft-mounted gearbox series is made with two types of frame.  They are universal, with foot and side flat gasket ring on one side only, or pendant, without feet and with side flat gasket ring on one side only.
3 sizes: ITS 922/3 – ITS 932/3 – ITS 942/3. Transmittable torques are: 1100 Nm, 1700 Nm and 3200 Nm respectively.

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